We Are Human

Open book.
Open mind.
Open heart.
A commitment, mainly to
my self, to fill the pages with
with meaning.
Self-indulgent, perhaps, but
necessary to the process of
healing and understanding
humanity (both my own and
that of others).
Human is what we are; all of us.
We are.
Each of us is trying to make
sense of our senses. What we
hear, see, and touch, makes an
impact on how we interpret all
that surrounds us. The scent of
confusion, the taste of remorse,
whets an appetite for deeper
Hidden wisdom is available for
those who search. Believe.
We need to go deeper into the
crevasses of our flesh, sort
through vital organs and
memories for answers and
acknowledgements that have,
so far, eluded a curious soul.
We may find something
meaningful in moments and
messages that seemed so
meaningless before; we may
not. Yet, by exploring previous
perceptions, we give ourselves
another chance at health and
inner peace.
We are human. We are here. We
are capable of a greater capacity.
Open the book, open the mind,
open the heart and explore.
With commitment, you will find
what you are looking for.

06/01/2019                                        j.g.l.

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