Right Or Wronged

Just because people agree with you, doesn’t make it right.
  For instance, I might say The President of the United States is a deranged, ignorant bigot, with no regard for the diversity and fragility of the human spirit, and there are people who may agree with me.
  But, that doesn’t necessarily make me right.
  Just as Donald Trump stated over the weekend (and several times before) that many people agree with his (continual and persistent) racist comments.
  It does not mean he is correct.
  You cannot believe the logic of what is right or what is wrong, based on one man’s opinion, even if he perceives that many, many people agree with him.
  You, deep within your self, have to know what’s right, and who has been wronged by opinions, regardless of how many people are in agreement.

07/16/2019                                                    j.g.l.

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