What Are You Waiting For?

You know that project you keep
meaning to get around to?
Yeah, that one: the one with so
much potential. It’s the one you
think about, often, and you look
at the notes and shuffle through
your papers, but you never quite
get going on it. Or you stop, and
you wait for the right time.
You know how it should look,
and you know you can do it, but
you never get around to actually
doing it, or completing it. You
don’t get frustrated (not really),
but it does bother you that you
haven’t started, or continued, or
taken it to the place it should be.
So you think about it some more,
and still you keep putting it off
to the point of dangerous delay.
Prolonged procrastination, or
protracted indecision; the longer
you wait, the longer it will take.
You know you can do it, so why
aren’t you? It’s a question that
comes to you, often, while the
answer never does?
Well, it’s time to stop waiting for
the answers, the right time, or for
the perfect muse to come along.
The only way you are going to get
this damn thing done is by simply
deciding it needs to be done, and
deciding you need to get started.
It’s that obvious.
It might not be that simple, but
stop dwelling on the details and
start right now. That’s right.
Right. Now.
You know you can do it, and,
really, there is no better time.
Damn right. Right now.
What are you waiting for?
Get started.

07/12/2019                                                   j.g.l.

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