Nothing At All

I began the weekend with a list of things I needed to accomplish. There are deadlines involved, a certain order required, and, perhaps, my creativity will be tested.
I woke yesterday morning in dire need of coffee (not unlike most mornings), and feeling a bit on the lazy side. I made a trip to the market, picked up a watermelon and a bundle of fresh garden carrots, and then returned home.
I ironed half a dozen shirts, threw in a load of wash, played a couple of records, organized my desktop, and was then inspired to go for a bike ride. The sun was out, and it seemed like one of those days where you shouldn’t be inside. I placed my journal in my backpack, feeling I may find a bench along the way where I could take time with some daily thoughts
It clouded over midway through the ride, and then I felt the first few drops of what would be a torrential thunderstorm. Fortunately there was a coffee shop nearby, and I waited out the storm, journaling, writing a letter to a friend, and capturing the essence of a poem that will be completed when the spirit moves me.
I enjoyed an afternoon nap, a simple dinner, and a few more albums.
I went to bed at a reasonable time, and slept in this morning (so unlike me).
I’m enjoying morning coffee at my regular Starbucks, and as I write I’m thinking about the list I need to tend to, about all those things that must be done over the next few days.
I didn’t work on any of the tasks yesterday, in fact, I didn’t even think about them.
And, really, my yesterday was filled with nothing, or nothing really important.
Yesterday was just a day. It was a day for me.
Days of nothing are important; they are free of schedules, devoid of tasks or jobs, or (in many ways) are not complicated by thinking and planning.
Days of nothing are days to be cherished because, all too often, days are full of everything.
Today is a different matter.
I’ve still got my list, and deadlines are looming closer, but because I took a day off I am better prepared to tackle that list, and I will.
I have no apprehension, or anxiety, and because of a day of doing nothing I am in a better mindset to do everything I need to do. . . as soon as I finish my coffee.
Enjoy your day, whether you choose to fill it with everything, or nothing at all.

08/18/2019                                        j.g.l.

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