What Happened

        Confused by what is important,
   outside of the deception,
   outside of the party lines,
          guided by misplaced trust.
  We have become
disciples of those with
   as many faces
        as hands.
    Did you know
             the ramifications of what they’re
        saying or the power
        they have?
I wonder what is important
      outside of the violence
      outside of the gleaming excesses.
          I don’t think this world
   needs to hear more political apologies
every single day.
  We all lead hectic lives,
  we think – or hope – that I or anyone
can be forgiven for forgetting
     what happened when
     we trusted
leadership and looking forward.
        No accountability.
     We do not
  blame – or fault – you, I or anyone
trapped by this contagion, this sin
   brought on
     by ego and ignorance.
        Politics. The evil within.


© 2019 j.g. lewis

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