Mondays are just young Fridays

When lost for words, we seek direction.
We attempt to explain all that cannot be explained as we would describe an abstract painting.
We try to resolve, or justify, the mystery in technical terms or offer random comparisons to peers and periods, instead of simply giving in to the emotional appeal of the subject at hand.
In doing so we struggle to make logical the abstract, when that — by its very nature — is not sustainable. To demystify the abstract is to lessen the impact.
By oversimplifying the overwhelming magnificence of a Picasso, Kandinsky, or Riopelle down to a brushstroke is to ignore the relationship of angles, the depth of each hue of pigment, and the feverishly original thought.
It is like purposely trying to make the beautiful seem banal, simply because we feel it might be easier to deal with.
What is there to explain?
No everything can be put into words.
It is what it is.

09/02/2019                                  j.g.l.

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