Mondays are just young Fridays

On my return trip from work on Friday, I was caught up in an accident-worthy line-up where traffic, either way, did not move.
  I’m not sure how long cars were at a standstill, for the line, going both ways, was substantial when I arrived.
  Slowly we began to move, after what seemed like a eternity, and about a quarter mile down the road, I realized the hold-up.
  A gaggle of Canada Geese had taken its time crossing all four-lanes of the street. The geese were not in a hurry, which was a nice sign.
  Usually it’s this time of year when you begin to see those noisy V formations as the birds begin to head south to warmer climes.
  The summer has also been in no hurry to end. Here, today is the beginning of autumn, and the weather has been anything but seasonal. Yes, there was a bit of rain overnight, but it was daytime-like temperatures right through the night.
Temperatures are expected to remain on the high side high for, at least, the remainder of the month.
  I, like the geese, am in no hurry to see the warmer weather come to an end.
  I’m going to take the hint and slow down. We always seem to be in such a hurry. It’s a beautiful thing just to watch life pass by, slowly and naturally.

09/23/2019                                       j.g.l.

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