Not Often Clear

What you have has nothing to do
with what you have been given.
It’s not fate,
it’s not kismet, and it’s not obvious.
It is what we choose to allow.
Many times, how we live is simply a choice.
Other times you have to ask.
We all have so much to do. Obligations.
Survival: doing what needs to be done.
What is expected is not often clear, or
not always possible.
Sometimes, if you have too many options,
you make the wrong choices.
Try to choose carefully, decide what
will fit into the current situation.
Accept the reality.
Choosing is difficult,
and often contentious. You need to know
where you are, more than where to start.
Admit your mistakes
early in the process. Honesty is always easier.

© 2019 j.g. lewis

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