Let It Out

Unrelenting in its determination,
unceasing. Our resiliency stronger
than even we know, a capacity for
understanding more than what shows.
How then to deal with, or accommodate,
even lessen the impact. Cause and effect.
A conundrum. An intrusion. Never ending.
Daunted by circumstance, inundated with
ignorance, we struggle with our self.
Breathe. Let it out.

Are you able to manage the pressure, as
it builds, as it corrupts, as it influences
each and every decision or outcome.
We all are feeling more than we deserve.
It is constant in its resolve. How will you
know when you are ready to blow?
Does it accumulate internally, littering
precious thought patterns, preventing
progress. Can it be prevented?
Breathe. Let it go.

©2019 j.g. lewis

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