2020 Journaling

Write about the day, this one,
or yesterday. Even more, write
for tomorrow; that’s where we
are all going. Take notes, you
might be surprised at where
you end up. Better yet, you’ll
remember how you got there.

What’s your 2020 VISION?
Have you planned ahead, or
will you make it up as you go?

Come write your way into the
new decade with us.
soultalk is offering a 2020
journaling kick-off to the
new year.

A free online program:
20 prompts over 20 days in a
closed Facebook forum. You can
write all you want, and share as
you wish.
For more details, or to sign up,
Send an email to:


It’s that easy.

Write on.

12/13/2019                                           j.g.l.

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