Mondays are just young Fridays

Few of us now pay attention, or
acknowledge any documented
evidence of a mind struggling to
understand life, or love, or any
element thereof.
Not in the ways we once did, or
society did, at one time,
when we believed in
whatever the poets may say.
Another time, another way,
we go on living despite
what the poets say. Substance
and message today nothing more
than words on a page.
We will not heed the warnings,
simply trying to live, as poets
once did. Or as some now try.

My current read, Dear Evelyn, reminds me how good verse will stick with you in times of strife, in days of love, in spite of life, as it happens.
The book was the 2018 winner of the Rogers Writers Trust Fiction prize.
Author Kathy Page is a lover of literature; it shows in her style, obviously, but she has awarded the novel’s main characters a similar fascination and appreciation for the written word.
To call Dear Evelyn a wartime love story only hints of this book’s magnificence.

12/16/2019                                              j.g.l.

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