The Tradition Of Christmas

Those of us who celebrate the date do so with traditions we adhere to, learn, or create.
  Above all else, Christmas is tradition.
  It shows itself beyond gifts or cards lined up on the shelf. It is felt more deeply than religion or faith. It is the simple belief that this day is what we were once told.
  It keeps us believing.
  Tradition is found within a mother’s needlepoint, or a song she sang. Maybe now you do too. It is remembering your sister as a child, as you see her child as she was about that age. This is, and has always been, time marked by family love and lore.
  Tradition is in the stories we tell, or told.
  Traditions keep us close to what we knew.
  However you celebrate, if you celebrate, I wish you a Merry Christmas.
  May your memories – the one’s you hold or the ones you make – be as warm, as loving, and as generous as mine.

Deep peace

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