Another Perspective

Possibilities are not endless,
probabilities are even lesser
or unlikely. Chances remain
few and far between. Your
perspective is all that matters;
in fact, all you really have.
Perspective is a wholly useful
word, possibly a word we all
need to employ with greater
perspective. It is a word of
understanding, or trying to
understand, others and even
(or especially) yourself.
We all need a greater view of
what is happening around us;
no matter how far we look.
I know I, even on a morning
with no stars, need greater
perspective on where I am
and where I am going, or
what I am doing.
What am I doing?
I need to look at myself and
my purpose from all angles
to better understand what I
can do. I need to look at all
the possibilities available to
me, even those I can’t see
when it gets too dark, and too
cold, and mainly improbable.

01/31/2020                                                   j.g.l.

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