Never underestimate
the power of a six-buck bouquet, a
shared newspaper or gift of a pencil.
Simplicity. Given, without expectation.
Demand comes to all-too-easy in days
that move with unintended velocity
and mixed emotions.
To put a price on kindness is
to devalue a gesture or sentiment.
Everything comes with a cost, perhaps
even at a cost. You should not ponder
it’s worth, or yours. Words, at times,
are not easy. Acceptance can be difficult.

Remember to say thank you,
as you give or are given. Gifts
do not need to be boastful. Gratitude
need not be uncomfortable,
it should, however, be memorable.
We often forget kind words, flowers
after they have wilted. Tossed away.
Small blessings are not short lived,
there to remind us more of
who we are, Not what we have.
To receive is to give.
Acceptance is realization of truth,
or trust. Or thought. Remain thankful.

© 2020 j.g. lewis

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