Mondays are just young Fridays

How are you doing?
Getting enough rest?
Are you eating well?
What are you reading?
What’s on your mind?

Questions and answers are
a daily occurrence, but we are
talking less and less these days
to fewer people, at a time when
we have many questions, and
so much more to say.
We miss the water cooler gossip,
or good morning greetings at the
office, or the smile from familiar
strangers on the streetcar, or at
the gym; the little, daily things
we take for granted.
Human beings, by nature, are
social creatures, and all of this
self-isolation is mentally isolating.
It has taken away regular contact
with regular people.
We are all aware of maintaining
distance, but we are losing touch.
We all feel it, but we don’t talk
about it. Reach out today by phone,
or email to someone you haven’t
spoken with in the past week or
two, but someone you used to see
daily. Write a letter if you chose.
You might not have much to say
besides ‘how are you doing’, but
it will make a difference.
Hello can close the distance.

03/23/2020                                        j.g.l.

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