Mondays are just young Fridays

I was surprised by the notification; my screen time was down 12 per cent last week. It was down about 10 per cent the week before (I’ve got one of those apps on my iPhone).
I know I’ve been looking less, or being selective about what I’m watching or reading, but I didn’t think it was that noticeable. I believe it’s crucial to keep up with all that’s going on, particularly in these isolating times; information is important. However, misinformation is more than concerning and it seems to run rampant on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
I’ve even cut down on my news intake lately. CBC news is responsive and accurate and I do catch many hourly news updates, particularly the reports first thing in the morning, because I need to know. But, after a while, you tire of nothing but disease and death (and politicians), so I’ll switch over to classical music, or the jazz station. Or silence.
I’ve been listening to more of my records lately and I’ve been reading more consistently than I have in years.
It seems, in these days of self-isolation and physical distance, I’m finding a little more comfort in things less technical.

03/30/2020 j.g.l.

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