Poem In Your Pocket 2020

Had We Not Dared

  we had not smiled,
had we not met,
        if either of us
would not have dared
to take a first step.
were different, and time
had simply lapsed, or
        if we didn’t share
tiny bits of our past.
Had we not known,
  or had we nor dared,
if we
wouldn’t have looked,
or hadn’t have stared.
  If we had not
have written, if we
wouldn’t have clicked,
would it
               have become
               just another
 Yet we did, or we have,
and for that
                   I am blessed.
          what we know
has been put through
the test.            I think
all of those things
could never have been
           if we hadn’t
have shared some time
  in between.

© 2020 j.g. lewis

Today is
Poem in Your Pocket Day
It is a day to celebrate poetry
by selecting a poem, carrying
it with you, and sharing with
family, friends, or strangers.
Even in these times of physical
distance, loss of connection,
and self-isolation, you can still
share poetry and a smile.
Sharing is caring and we could
all use a little more right now.

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